Top 5 Biking Instagram Accounts to Follow

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Stuck in the office all day and jonesin' to take the bike for spin? Take a mental vacation with our staff's top 5 instagram accounts for cyclists and bike-enthusiasts. Warning: Clean Bottle is not responsible for any uncontrollable urges to quit your job and become a globetrotting bike-bum. If you do have these urges, you may be experiencing extreme dehydration. Our staff recommends you get a better water bottle to alleviate these symptoms.


1. The Radavist

The name says it all. This LA-based squad is just plain rad. The Radavist will provide you and it's other 167k followers with all the cycling and outdoor FOMO you can handle.


2. World Bicycle Relief

Social media doesn't have to be all about insta-models and celebrities. World Bicycle Relief offers an uplifting message and while doing some great things through the Power of Bicycles.


3. Bikepacking

You'll want to get out of your usual routine after checking this page. Lots of great content for bike nuts here. Based near the biking mecca of Asheville, NC, bikepacking throws in gear reviews and other biking news to keep things fresh.

4. Downhill Addiction

Put on your helmet and chin guard, because downhill addiction will hit you with a face full of mountain biking nirvana. 

5. Cycling Shots

Inspirational bike shots from all types of people from all over the world. Great place for a daily dose of scenic biking shots and uplifting imagery. 

We hope you enjoyed this brief daydreaming session as much as we did, but it's time to get back to work. We have a lot of water bottles to make!

- Bottle Boy


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