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    Our Founder Dave Mayer came up with the idea for the Clean Bottle after heading out for a bike ride and finding a disgusting, moldy, science experiment at the bottom of his water bottle.  He thought "There must be a better way to clean the bottom of my water bottle," and thus the first Clean Bottle was born.  It took 2 years, 3 factories, and 54 prototypes to get the bottle right, but we think it was worth the effort.

    When first launching the bottle in 2010, we didn't have any money for marketing, so one of us dressed up as a giant water bottle and ran alongside the riders at the Tour de France bike race to see if we could get on TV, and it worked! "Bottle Boy" was an overnight sensation and Clean Bottle became a household name in the cycling community. Check out the video below!

    The success of the Clean Bottle caught the eye of the producers for ABC's Shark Tank and they asked us to appear on the show.  Since we needed to present in front of the cameras on the show he asked our cycling buddy and 2-time NBA Champion 7ft Center Bill Walton to dress up and play the role of Bottle Boy, and together Dave and Bill captured the investors attention. Clean Bottle was made offers from multiple investors on the show but ultimately selected the offer made from Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks.

    Clean Bottle is now in over 5000 stores nationally and 6 countries, with a variety of bottles for cyclists, hikers, runners, yoga, crossfit, rock climbing and more.  Clean Bottle now also offers custom printing on all it's bottles making them perfect for businesses and giveaways! We're always looking for great ideas, so if you have any questions or comments please feel free to email us at info@cleanbottle.com!