Welcome to our new website!

Hello, and welcome to our new website and our first blog post!

Here at Clean Bottle we are working on many new and exciting ideas. We have some new products in the early designing stages, some in the prototype stage and some almost ready to hit the market.

If you would like to be informed of new and/or improved products as they are made available, you can sign up for our newsletter or just continue to check in on our blog posts.

While we have done our best to test out our new website to remove any glitches there may be some things we have overlooked. We will be closely monitoring any problems and if you notice any issues please feel free to reach out to us to let us know at support@cleanbottle.com.

Stay tuned for future updates on new products in the coming weeks!

  • Edward Lubanski says...

    I received my Clean Bottle as a gift from my cycle buddy and my girlfriend borrowed it and lost the top.I called ,and I am getting a replacement top sent to me .Thanks for the great service!

    On Jun 30, 2016

  • Clara NY says...

    Just discovered your bottles at a local health food store. Awesome. Love the colors. I bought one for each member of my family for when we go bike-riding. Looking forward to more products!

    On Apr 17, 2016

  • Michael says...

    The Bottle Boy at the Tour video was amazing!
    Really genius!
    Definitely brought a smile to my face.

    On Apr 01, 2016

  • Joe says...

    Just saw your Shark Tank episode. Great idea. Will be buying one this weekend.

    On Mar 14, 2016

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