5 Summer Activities Perfect for the Square

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It is officially Summer, it's time for you to start out on those adventures you've been saving up for. With the added hours of sun and the added heat, staying hydrated is even more important. It's obvious our sports bottle is great for a day out on your bike but what about those other outdoor activities? If you've procrastinated on planning your Summer excursions, we've got your back and have put together a good mix of activities for you to enjoy, and it just so happens that your square bottle is the perfect hydration accessory for summer fun.




Born and raised in a beach town, sliding my feet into the warm sand to the sound of waves kissing the shore, is a favorite past time of mine. A day at the beach is a spectacular way to relax after a week of work as well as get you some much needed Vitamin D. Careful though, the sun can turn a great day into a painful week if you're not sure to apply sunscreen and keep hydrated. I find the fruit infusing chamber for the square to be a must have for my beach days as the refreshing taste of fruit adds some much needed flavor and vitamins to your water. For those of you in land locked states, while the beach bum in me argues it's not quite the same thing, lakes make great beaches.

CNN's List of Can't Miss Beaches in the U.S.



Hiking is a perfect activity for people of all ages and abilities, plus its one of the most readily accessible activities. You can hike just about anywhere. Whether you want to challenge yourself with some steep mountain terrain or just enjoy a casual picturesque stroll through nature hiking has a little something for everyone. Bring your square as it has a easy to carry handle, can easily be stored in a bag, or latched on using a carabiner. Plus if you do drop it, it won't runaway from you.....all the way....down the mountain.... that you just spent 30 minutes climbing. (We've had some bad experiences). Check out these books for guides to great hikes across the United States!

National Geographic Guide to National Parks of the United States ($19-20)

AMC's Comprehensive Guide To Hiking Trails In The White Mountain National Forest ($15-$16)



If you've never ventured out on a sailboat, or any recreational boat, you are missing out. The possibilities are numerous when sailing, you can journey somewhere new,  stop to fish or swim or even enjoy a picnic, or you can simply sail around and take in the sights. Again, I love the fruit infusing chamber as a way to add some flavor and vitamins to my water but the most useful feature of the Square bottle is the shape. You won't have to worry about your bottle rolling back and forth as the boat bobs along with the swell. Obviously, not everyone owns a boat or knows someone who does. Likewise, some of you may lack access to a large enough body of water. However, you can often charter a boat to go out on a day trip. Also a lot of harbors offer a Free Sailing Day where members of that harbor take interested parties out and will even teach you some of the techniques and let you Captain the vessel!


Kayak/Paddle Boarding

Kayaking and more so, paddle boarding have seemingly blown up over the last decade. These can be very serene activities that allow you to get some exercise without feeling like you've exerted too much energy. However, people often leave behind items like food an water due to lack of space and fear of losing it if tipped over. Like with sailing, the square shape will prevent the bottle from rolling around your kayak or off your paddle board. Furthermore, as you can see in the picture a lot of kayaks have cup holders and the bottle fits nicely! Lastly if you do tip your kayak over or karate kick your bottle off your paddle board, don't worry, you're guaranteed for life and we can replace it!

REI's Expert Advice on getting started kayaking

REI's Expert Paddle Boarding Advice



Obviously, yoga isn't as seasonal as the other activities on this list but being able to get outdoors to get your Vinyasa flow on is much more enjoyable than being in the studio. Plus if you live in warm enough areas, you can save plenty of money on your heating bill by practicing your Bikram or "Hot Yoga" classes in the sun! Now the square bottle is great for reasons already stated; won't roll away, and the fruit infuser are nice benefits that will help make your practice that much more enjoyable. However, there's an added benefit in that your square can serve as a yoga block if your in a pinch and forgot yours!

Beginner to Advanced level Yoga poses


Let us know what Summer activities you'll be enjoying this year and feel free to share your photos! We love to see Clean Bottle's out on adventures!


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