Sport 20

$ 15.99

Introducing the all-new Sport 20 from The Clean Hydration Company. We built this sports water bottle with a sturdy double-wall construction to keep drinks cold for longer than traditional sport bottles and a unique antimicrobial exterior wall to help prevent germs. The easy-to-use cap includes a rotating actuator which allows the sports bottle to be locked for leak-free travel. Also included in the cap is a self-sealing valve. This valve let's you ride, run, or workout with the cap in the unlocked position, but avoids loss of valuable hydration to drip, drops, and leaks.

As always, cleanability is a top priority, so we've designed the nozzle of this insulated sport water bottle to disassemble in a matter of seconds, giving you full access to the inside of the valve. You'll never have to worry about mold and build-up from sports drinks again.


  • Patent pending easy-clean nozzle disassembles in seconds
  • Antimicrobial exterior wall
  • Double wall insulated construction
  • CleanSeal self-sealing valve for leak-free operation
  • Lock-out mode for long-distance travel
  • Optimized squeeze location
  • Wide base increases stability on flat surfaces
  • Designed to fit in most bike bottle cages
  • Unique matte finish
  • Available in 20 and 23 oz sizes
  • 100% BPA Free

* This bottle does not have a removable bottom cap

Product FAQs

Q: Is the Sport 20 water bottle dishwasher safe?

Ans: Yes, the Sport 20 water bottle is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Q: How long does the double-wall insulation keep drinks cold?

Ans: The double-wall insulation of the Sport 20 water bottle keeps drinks cold for longer than traditional sport bottles.

Q: Can the nozzle of the water bottle be disassembled for cleaning?

Ans: Yes, the patent-pending easy-clean nozzle of the Sport 20 water bottle disassembles in seconds for thorough cleaning.

Q: Does the water bottle have a leak-proof cap?

Ans: Yes, the Sport 20 water bottle features a CleanSeal™ self-sealing valve for leak-free operation.

Q: Is the exterior wall of the water bottle antimicrobial?

Ans: Yes, the Sport 20 water bottle has an antimicrobial exterior wall to help prevent germs.

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Customer Reviews

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Why did you ruin your products?

What happened to the traditional bike bottle that was perfect? Your whole premise was the removable bottom. Who are the ad wizards who came up with this sh!t sandwich? Way to take your eye off the ball.


First, the order got lost and didn’t ship until I called and asked what the hold up was. Then, once I received it, one of the bottles didn’t have the full cap. I emailed the company and haven’t heard back in a week. Very poor quality control and customer service.